The Sea Between Us; Emylia Hall

the sea between us

Well, what can I say? It has been a busy busy couple of months in the Just Bookish household, and as much as I hate it, it’s meant I’ve had no time to blog!  Fingers crossed I can now get myself back on track, and post reviews at least once a week.  Before life took over, I was really enjoying posting my reviews and also started to post some more DIY styled posts and a  bookshelf tour, so if you enjoyed them please let me know if the comments below, and also let me know if there are any other post you would like to see from me in the near future.

Now, lets get back to business!  The Sea Between Us isn’t my usual read, it’s a  contemporary novel which isn’t something I tend to gravitate towards when I’m picking my next book to read. However, it was quite nice to have a break from the crime and thriller books I’ve been buried in over the last couple of months, and I would love to hear your recommendations on other contemporary reads.

[The Plot] In a remote Cornish cove, on one of the last days of summer, Robyn Swinton is drowning. She is saved – just – by local boy Jago Winters, and it is a moment that will change both of them forever.

Over the next seven years, Robyn and Jago’s paths lead them in different directions, to city streets and foreign shores. Will the bond forged that day Jago dragged Robyn in from the sea be strong enough to bring them back to one another, or has life already pulled them too far apart?

As I have said above, this isn’t the sort of book I would usually pick up, which meant it did take me a little white to fully get into the book.  That being said, once I had got past the first quarter-ish, I was hooked. It is a romantic book, but I felt that it wasn’t too soppy or gushy with the romance, it was a realistic story that a lot of people could relate to.

I found that throughout the book, there was a lot of will they won’t they between Robyn and Jago, and at times it made me want to shake some sense in Jago.  He clearly likes Robyn but holds back instead of making a move, but then at the same time, I did find Robyn to be quite naive.  Even though they had these characteristics which could be really annoying at times, it made for a great read and I loved the way the story panned out, in the end.

I don’t want to give too much away, as there are quite a lot of twist and turns in the plot, but it’s not your everyday boy meets girls, fall in love, the end, sort of book.  And as I’ve said before, this means it isn’t too much of a sickly sweet romance.  I would love to read more boo’s like this and explore the Contemporary genre further.

I rate this book  three out of five stars.

three star

Those were just my bookish thoughts, but I would love to hear yours in the comments below.

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