February Wrap Up & March TBR

This post is going up a little later than I had planned, however I thought it would be nice to share my monthly wrap up here on my blog, in the hope that it will encourage me to keep up with my reading gal for the year.  Alongside that, my hope that is by sharing a TBR each month, I can set myself an achievable goal each month.  I always know roughly which books I want to read next, and even keep a TBR stack on my bedside table.  But I’m hoping that by sharing them here I might stick to my TBR a little more.

For the month of February I read 4 books.

                  harrypotter              cityofashes


My plan for from January onwards has been to re-read a Harry Potter book either every other book I read, or at least one a month, and so far I’m on track!! Also, after reading City of Bones in January (which I fell in love with!) I have decided to read the rest of the series by reading one a month.  I want to read them all straight away, but don’t want it to stop me reading other books along the way.  You can find my review of Carrie by Stephen King here.

That being said, I’m currently behind on this months TBR (which was to read another 4 books) as I’m still on my first one!  I am currently reading City of Glass by Cassandra Claire and while I am really enjoying it so far, I’ve just been super busy! My goal for march is to finishing reading City of Glass and them move onto American Sniper by Chris Kyle, You and Me, Always by Jill Mansell and Carry On my Rainbow Rowell.

              City_of_glassamerican sniper

you and me always               carry on

Fingers crossed I can pick the pace back up and move on to these book within March! I will be sure to keep you updated, and I’ve been keeping my Goodreads a lot more up to date now, so feel free to check out my profile to see how I’m getting on with my Reading Goal!

If you enjoyed this blog post, please let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to tell me your favourite book from February and your March TBR plans! 🙂

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