DIY: Up-Cycled Chest of Drawers

IMG_4140This is a very different post to my usual content, however, what most of you don’t know is that I’m actually an Interior Designer.  One thing I have wanted to do for the last couple of years is to up-cycle old furniture, I just haven’t had the space to store it or work on it. Now that I have finally completed my first project, I thought I would share it with you!

3     1                   The first step was to remove the drawers and the drawer handles.  I love these white and cream porcelain handles that came with the drawers, and they go really well wight he paint colour I have picked out.

5     4
Next I used various grades of sanding paper to sand down the entire chest of drawers.  With a piece of furniture like this, it’s really important to sand away any varnish especially if it has bevelled edges.  Varnish may be uneven in these areas so it’s definitely worth the time it takes to sand right down into the corners.  At this point Alfie also wanted to join in on the action, or just get my attention.

6     7
 Now that the chest has been sanded down, it will also need to be primed.  The sanding alone will help paint to adhere to the surface, but by using a primer it will increase the vibrancy of the paint along with the adhesion.  If you intend to use the piece of furniture for a long time, primer is a must! I used an all purpose primer, and masked off the inside edges.

9     8
Three coats of paint later and this is the finished look, Alfie definitely approved! As you can see, I decided to only paint the very front face of the  drawers.  As this is a fairly old piece of furniture, there is a lot of joinery detailing inside the chest that I didn’t want to paint over.  I think it gives it a really nice edge, and you also get a small glimpse of the warm wood tone through the closed drawers.

I know this post is very different to my usual book reviews, however, If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more like it, feel free to like the post and let me know in the comments below.