February Wrap Up & March TBR

This post is going up a little later than I had planned, however I thought it would be nice to share my monthly wrap up here on my blog, in the hope that it will encourage me to keep up with my reading gal for the year.  Alongside that, my hope that is by sharing a TBR each month, I can set myself an achievable goal each month.  I always know roughly which books I want to read next, and even keep a TBR stack on my bedside table.  But I’m hoping that by sharing them here I might stick to my TBR a little more.

For the month of February I read 4 books.

                  harrypotter              cityofashes


My plan for from January onwards has been to re-read a Harry Potter book either every other book I read, or at least one a month, and so far I’m on track!! Also, after reading City of Bones in January (which I fell in love with!) I have decided to read the rest of the series by reading one a month.  I want to read them all straight away, but don’t want it to stop me reading other books along the way.  You can find my review of Carrie by Stephen King here.

That being said, I’m currently behind on this months TBR (which was to read another 4 books) as I’m still on my first one!  I am currently reading City of Glass by Cassandra Claire and while I am really enjoying it so far, I’ve just been super busy! My goal for march is to finishing reading City of Glass and them move onto American Sniper by Chris Kyle, You and Me, Always by Jill Mansell and Carry On my Rainbow Rowell.

              City_of_glassamerican sniper

you and me always               carry on

Fingers crossed I can pick the pace back up and move on to these book within March! I will be sure to keep you updated, and I’ve been keeping my Goodreads a lot more up to date now, so feel free to check out my profile to see how I’m getting on with my Reading Goal!

If you enjoyed this blog post, please let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to tell me your favourite book from February and your March TBR plans! 🙂

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Harry Potter Collection…

I thought that seeing as I’ve been re-reading my beloved Harry Potter books recently, I thought I would share my Harry Potter collection with you all.  I’ve been collecting Harry Potter books and memorabilia for years and years, and it is honestly one of my most prized possessions. So, let’s get stuck in..

1    5 .

The main attraction in my collection is my Harry Potter books.  These are the books I have had since I first fell in love with the Wizarding world at around 8 years old, and then as and when the later books were published. These books were a huge part of my childhood, and hold a very special place in my heart.  On the same shel I keep my Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Tales of Beadle the Bard book, along with my house bookmarks (I’ll pop a close up below).

My larger shelf holds the majority of my collection. Most of the space is taken up with my collection of wands, and my second set of books.  I also keep my copy of Half Blood Prince here as it is the only adult cover I own (I really want to collect the full series in
his cover, maybe one day…).


This part of my bookshelf shows a couple of my favourite things within my collection.  Firstly, you get a glimpse of my wand boxes, which I’ll show you in just a minute.  You can also see my time-turner necklace sat in it’s display case, which I’ve never actually worn as I’m always worried I’m going to break it or something bad will happen.  There are also some chocolates, my chocolate frog and some peppermint toads, which I picked up while I was visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London a couple of years ago.    And the last item in this image is my little sorting hat.  This was actually a one of the cake toppers on my 21st birthday cake and I can’t bear to get rid of it.


A fairly recent addition is my huge Harry Potter theme books.  These include my illustrated edition of Philosophers Stone, ‘Harry Potter Page to Screen’, ‘Harry Potter The Creature Vault’ and I also keep my photo of me riding a broom at the Harry Potter Studio Tour on this little shelf.


This is my second out of three sets of the Book series, as I also have the ebooks on my kindle (y’know… just in case I neeeeeed to read them when I’m away from home!).  This was very lovingly gifted to me a couple of christmases ago, and I love it!  It is of course the Signature collection of the seven book, all beautifully displayed in a shiny red box.  Every time I re-read Harry Potter I go back to my original copies, so these have never been read or had their spines broken, mainly because they look so pretty in their box that I don’t want to ruin them!


This is my wand collection… so far.  I’ve been collecting these for the last 5 years or so and I can’t wait to expand my collection even further.  From left to right we have, Harry Potter, Voldemort, Hermione Grange, Albus Dumbledore (The Elder Wand), Fleur Delacour and Luna Lovegood. All but one of these wands have been gifted to me for birthdays and christmases over the years, as my family and boyfriend are incredible  and know we wayyyy too well.


Finally, I wanted to show you a couple of novelty items from my collection.  First is a ‘Hogwarts A History’ book I made for a halloween costumer years and years ago.  I dressed up as Hermione and decorated this book (which is also a box) to use as a makeshift bag for the evening.  I figured that seeing as Hermione always has a book to hand, it would be a cool idea to keep my purse and phone inside a book instead of taking a bag out with me.  Second is my Hogwarts letter and ticket to platform 9 3/4.  This was a gift from my sister a couple of christmas’ ago, and I thought it was a really sweat idea.  And the very sat thing I wanted to show you is my set of House bookmarks.  Again, this is something that sits with my collection that I have never used, they ooh so lovely and I am always afraid them may get damage it I use them.

I really hope you have enjoyed me sharing my Harry Potter collection with you, and would love to hear about any memorabilia you may have collected, or what is on your Harry Potter wish list in the comments below.  I really enjoyed writing this post, so let me know if you would like to see more like this by giving it a like.