Poison Study; Maria V. Snyder

poison study

Poison study is one of those books that you just stumble upon.  I was in a small local bookshop that just happened to be having a sale, my biggest weakness I must say, when the cover caught my eye.  On a whim, I bought the first 4 books after reading the blurb from just the first.  This is why I love small bookshops, in a larger chain store I’d be so overcome with choice that I would have skimmed right past this book, instead of giving it the chance I think it deserves.

[The plot]:  Yelena Zaltana is awaiting her death sentence  when she  is offered the potion of the Kings food taster.  Her life goes from poverty, to awaiting her imminent  death, to fine banquets and the luxurious comforts of the Kings castle.  However, this luxury comes with a price.  Being the Kings food taster means Yelena has to risk assassination from poison daily, and there is no way out.  In a world where magic equals death and freedom is few and far between, Yelena has no idea what is in store for her.

After reading this book I was shocked that I hadn’t heard of it before or read about it on any book blogs at the time.  I found it be an easy read that kept me intrigued and eager to keep reading through out.  Yelena is a truly complex character, as you learn more about her you see her transform as a person.  Throughout the book, you not only see her as the strong, warrior type   who will do anything to survive, but you also learn that she is still young girl who has her vulnerable moments.

As Yelena and Valek’s relationship unfolds, you learn a lot more about Valek as a character.  At first Valek is just the chief of security, meaning that he is responsible for keeping Yelena in line and especially ensuring she would’t run away.  However, as their relationship developes, you find that Valek is not only a crazy-cool bad-ass assassin, but he is a real person who loves and respects his job, and takes it very seriously.  You also learn that he will go to lengths to protect those he cares about, and to do not only what he is told to do, but what is right.

After reading this book, there was nothing I could do but read the others I had bought.  The story flows seamlessly throughout the trilogy, and I look forward to reading more of Snyder’s work.

I rate this book four out of five stars.

four star

Those were just my bookish thoughts, but I would love to hear yours in the comments below.

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